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Press Release
Married REALTORS® Make Historic Gift to FVRCF

Family means everything to married REALTORS®, Collette Burke and David Herman. With four sons and four grandchildren, they are grateful for the lifestyle that working in Real Estate together has afforded them.

In particular, they have always appreciated the flexibility of their profession, which has allowed them to prioritize the needs of their family. Participating in their kids’ and now their grandkids’ school events and after-school activities has helped keep their family close.

Working in Real Estate has also given them the opportunity to volunteer as needed. In fact, David is a past President of the Fraser Valley Real Estate Board (FVREB) and currently serves as a volunteer Director with the Fraser Valley REALTORS® Charitable Foundation (FVRCF).

The story of the Fraser Valley REALTORS® Charitable Foundation and the leadership of the five former presidents of the FVREB whose generosity established the Foundation, not only compelled David to volunteer as a Director, but inspired Collette and David to make a leadership gift. Indeed, their historic donation was the very first one made to the Foundation.

A couple and their three grandchildren are holding a large commemorative cheque for $5,000 made out to the Fraser Valley Realtors Charitable Foundation.

When asked to give, they didn’t hesitate. With a healthy, close-knit family, they acknowledge how fortunate they’ve been. “The mission of the Fraser Valley REALTORS® Charitable Foundation to support at-risk youth resonates with us. Poverty and homelessness are real issues in the Fraser Valley and we feel driven to do whatever we can to support our communities’ most vulnerable,” says Collette.

As REALTORS® and members of the FVREB, Collette and David hope that their colleagues will join them and stand up for at-risk youth in the Fraser Valley by making a gift to the FVRCF. As a granting foundation, the FVRCF issues grants to local charities who are working directly with at-risk youth and young adults in the communities served by the Fraser Valley Real Estate Board.

With nearly 5,000 members, the FVREB, through the Fraser Valley REALTORS® Charitable Foundation, is poised to make a significant difference in our communities. Thanks to the leadership and generosity of Collette Burke and David Herman, we are well on our way.