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Press Release
REALTOR® Makes Leadership Gift to FVRCF

Shortly after REALTOR®, Angela Evennett’s youngest son was born, she realized that she needed to build a career that could offer security and financial independence for her family. With two additional young sons at home, Angela was looking for flexibility and autonomy when she landed on real estate.

Motivated and determined, she worked hard and became licenced as a REALTOR® in 2008. Unfortunately, the market crashed shortly after and Angela, now a single mom, was on the verge of bankruptcy.

It was during this difficult time that her family was on the receiving end of a Christmas hamper from their church community. This incredible gift and the generosity of strangers is something she still thinks about today. Through resolve and hard work, Angela has made a name for herself in the Real Estate industry but has never forgotten those difficult years. Her appreciation for the support they received when they needed it most is one of the reasons that she made a leadership gift to the Fraser Valley REALTORS® Charitable Foundation.

“Being in a position to give to the FVRCF, an organization that has made its mission the support of at-risk youth in our communities, is a privilege,” says Angela. “There are many vulnerable young people out there right now who need the generosity of strangers to help get them on their feet.”

Inspired by the story of the five REALTORS® and past presidents of the Fraser Valley Real Estate Board who purchased the property that ultimately funded the FVRCF, Angela is also proud to help carry on their legacy.

“Their act was one of selflessness,” remarks Angela. “These five gentlemen epitomized the generous spirit of REALTORS® by using their success to help others. I admire their dedication to the greater community.”

“The Fraser Valley REALTORS® Charitable Foundation is grateful for this remarkable gift from our colleague and friend, Angela Evennett”, remarks John Barbisan, Chair of the FVRCF. “Her leadership gift is an inspiration to us all.”

Today, Angela hopes that her giving inspires her three sons to consider their own philanthropy in the future. “I have always believed that ‘to whom much is given, much is expected,’” says Angela. “I am grateful to be able to help in this way.”

A Realtor and two representatives from the Foundation are holding a large commemorative cheque for $5,000 made out to the Fraser Valley Realtors Charitable Foundation.
REALTOR® Angela Evennett (left) presents FVRCF Executive Director, Chris Hodson, and FVRCF Chair, John Barbisan, with a leadership gift of $5,000.